The United States Province began in 1924 when seven nuns and two candidates from Canada began a school at Nativity BVM Parish in Ozone Park,N.Y..After governance by a Vicar of the Belgian General Superior, Americans achieved their own provincial authority in 1969.Today,in four states and the Congo,they take on educational and other ministries,seeking answers about the causes of poverty and oppression.They try to simplify their lives to live the Gospel more and more radically.

Through the years many dedicated, sacrificing women devoted their time and talents addressing the needs of a largely immigrant population by providing quality education and social services to the children and adults of Nativity Parish.Fond memories are evoked as we view these pictures.



Prior to Sept. 2007 after numerous meetings and discussions it was decided to combine Nativity BVM School and St. Stanislaus School.

Our beloved Nativity was ended and a new entity formed with the name - Divine Mercy Catholic Academy. The new school will house Pre-K through grade 5 in Nativity and grades 6-8 will use the St. Stanislaus building.

Sr.Marguerite Torre with brother Joe....Mayor Giuliani